International Exchange Program

The Waldorf School of San Diego is proud to participate in the Worldwide Waldorf Exchange Program with over one thousand Waldorf schools in more than 60 countries across the globe.  This program provides our High School students with the opportunity to embark upon cultural and linguistic exchanges with other likeminded students from around the world.  Students find these experiences enhance fluency with the foreign language of their choice and expands their cultural horizons. 

When can I go on my exchange?

This program is designed for 10th graders in mind.  Candidate students will need to seek prior approval from both their mentor and class sponsor.  Together, you will determine the best time for your exchange. Theoretically, the program could be expanded to include other time frames, such as a summer program.  Please speak to the ISP coordinator directly regarding your alternate proposal. 

Where can I go on my exchange?

Anywhere in the world assuming you find a willing and able exchange partner and Waldorf school.   In the past few years, our students have had exchanges with Waldorf students from Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Italy, Argentina, Peru and Costa Rica. 

How long is the exchange?

Students typically take two to three months away from classes at their home school.  Longer exchanges could be accommodated given the right circumstances.

Please connect with our International Study Program Coordinator to learn more about our program.

Contact Jehanne Spriggs at or (619) 287-3054 ext. 305