High School Admissions

High School Admissions

High School Admissions

The High School curriculum follows the development of the student with their ability to move from absolute to abstract thought and reasoning. We offer a liberal arts education, consciously aimed to nurture and encourage adolescent ideals. The high school experience aims to balance the students’ academic needs with their longing to find meaning in the world.


Admissions FAQ

What is the average class size?

Grades 9-12 have several teachers according to specialty, and classes are considered full at 25 students.

Can my student shadow?

After the application has been received, we will schedule a shadow day for your student. It is vital for the student to experience our school. They will be assigned a buddy to guide them through a school day.

To learn more about our admissions process for high school students, visit our admissions page.

What is the interview process?

After the application has been received, we will schedule a shadow day(s) for your student and their family. It is vital for your student to experience our school. They will be assigned a buddy to guide them through a school day. They will have an opportunity to interact and familiarize themselves with our faculty and staff allowing them to feel more comfortable during the interview.

When should I begin the application process?

Please go to step 1 on the How to Apply page on our website. Once you have completed the “inquiry step” you will be contacted by the Admissions director with a detailed email and Waldorf101 video about our school. Please watch this recording and keep a note pad for your other questions. Our job is to help you see if this school is a good fit for your family.
Once you have completed those first 2 steps and had your questions answered, please submit an application for your students. We offer a rolling admissions process and accept new applications year-round, assuming there is still placement available.

In order to ensure the best chance at available placement, we accept new applications up to two years in advance and it is best to submit no later than 9 months in advance of the intended date of entry.

Classes fill fast and you may be placed on the waitlist if the desired class is filled.

Application Form
You can view & complete the application by visiting our How to Apply page and choosing the correct application for your student (EC, Lower, Middle or High School).
Once the application has been submitted, you will have access to the additional required forms. The nonrefundable application fee is $150. However, if you have attended a Campus Tour, the application fee is $75 – just answer “yes” to the tour question on the application. Again, it’s our job to help you see if this is the correct fit for your family. Live Waldorf101 videoconferencing calls and campus tours are also available upon request.. 
Application File Checklist

For consideration, submit the following documents:

  • Student Admissions Application
  • Teacher Recommendation Letter
  • Student Questionnaire
High School Admissions


Admissions Contacts


Liza Ferraro

(619) 280-8016 x 205


tuition adjustment

Liza Ferraro

(619) 280-8016 x 201


High School chair

Jeremiah Johnson, Maria Drogari & Chelaine Kokos

(619) 280-8016 x 302