High School Athletics

High School Athletics

Our High School Athletics program strengthens students’ health and fitness. Through both team and club sports we provide an opportunity to learn discipline, leadership and to function as part of a team. Competition helps to mark individual and team progress and exposes students and our entire school community to other high school students and families within the larger San Diego community.  Physical fitness and athletics are all integral parts of the curriculum.

Current Sports Offered

WSSD High School Athletic Program offers a variety of sports, including Boys and Girls Co-ed Indoor Soccer, Surf Club, and Athletics Conditioning Class.

WSSD supports the high ideals of healthy participation in athletic endeavors. Our athletic program gives students the opportunity to participate in team sports.  Our athletes work together in understanding the meaning of teamwork, learning the importance of discipline, respect, and sportsmanship in the face of adversity. Our program gives our athletes a healthy regimen of physical exercise to balance the challenges of their daily academic work as well as the opportunity to work toward mastery in specific skill-sets.

Student-athletes learn how to balance their academic work with their athletic endeavors. Coaches and teachers work together with students guiding them in understanding the importance of achieving this balance.

Our school places a high priority on good sportsmanship from our athletes, coaches, and parents. All student-athletes are expected to embrace the school’s tradition of outstanding sportsmanship, citizenship and fair play.