Middle School Admissions

Middle School Admissions

Middle School Admissions

During Middle School, the content and quantity of subjects expand significantly to meet the needs of the pre-adolescent. In addition to deepening the work with previously encountered material, many new subjects are introduced, all with the goal of helping the student maintain a healthy interest in the world. The curriculum encourages pre-adolescents to direct their gaze enthusiastically and sympathetically out into the world and thereby come to a deeper understanding of self.


Admissions FAQ

What is the average the class size?

Grades 6-8 have a class teacher and range from 15-25 students per class. There may be an assistant class depending on the size of the class.

Can my student visit?

After the application has been received and interview completed, we are happy to offer a visiting day(s) so new students can come and spend time with the class and teacher.  This lets your child try our school on for size and ensure a great fit, and vice versa. 

What is the interview process?

The process begins with submitting an application for your student. Once received, the teachers will review the application and schedule a parent interview if they believe your family is a good fit for the school and vise versa. Once the interview has been completed, WSSD will send an invitation to schedule a visiting day for the student.

When should I begin the application process?

We offer a rolling admissions process and accept new applications year-round, assuming there is still placement available. In order to ensure the best chance at available placement, we accept new applications up to two years in advance and it is best to submit no later than 9 months in advance of the intended date of entry. Classes fill fast and you may be placed on the waitlist if the desired class is filled.

Application Form
You can find the application by visiting our admissions page to view, download and complete the application. You may submit the completed form to admissions@waldorfsandiego.org.
Once the application has been submitted, you will have access to the additional required forms. The nonrefundable application fee is $150. However, if you have attended a Campus Tour, the application fee is $75. 
Application File Checklist

For consideration, submit the following documents:

  • Admissions Application Form
  • Teacher Recommendation(s) 
Middle School Adminssions


Admissions Contacts


Liza Ferraro

(619) 280-8016 x 205


tuition adjustment

Liza Ferraro

(619) 280-8016 x 201


MIDDLE School chair

Elyse Stussi

(619) 280-8016 x 312