Experience Waldorf

Lower School Campus

We are happy to announce that WSSD welcomed students back to campus last week! 

We are still enrolling for the 2020-21 school year!  Due to smaller class sizes and social distancing limitations, placement is limited and classes are filling.  On-campus tours are by appointment and limited to one family at a time, observing proper social distancing protocols. For more information please connect with our Admissions Director Julie Joinson at admissions@waldorfsandiego.org.

We are excited to show your family our new outdoor classrooms and play spaces…..the best air is fresh air!

High School Campus

Join us for a half-day tour offered monthly! Please arrive early to park, register and enjoy a delicious breakfast before the tour departs promptly at 8 AM! Guests are very welcome to attend all segments or choose the one that best fits.

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Parent-Child, Nursery and Kindergarten  —  8:00 to 9:00 am
In the first segment, we will tour the Nursery and Kindergarten classrooms.  Our Early Childhood Director will walk you through a day in each program, what we do and how we do it, and get all your questions answered.

ELEMENTARY GRADES:  Grades 1-8  —  9:00 to 10:15 am
The next segment focuses on early grades and middle school.  A grades teacher will escort you through grades classes to view our teachers in action with their students, hear about Main Lesson teaching blocks, explore our wide range of special subjects (music, art, farming, woodwork and handwork, foreign languages and much more!) and hear from students.

WHY WALDORF?   —  10:15 to 10:45 am
Explore the Waldorf approach to the curriculum, through Q&A with our teachers, and find out how Waldorf differs from other schools.  We’ll also talk about student engagement, academic rigor, appropriate tech use, homework, discipline, farm-to-table lunch program and more!

HIGH SCHOOL: Grades 9-12  —  11:00 to 12:00 pm
Drive with us over to our High School campus located just one mile away.  We will visit classrooms in session, hear from students and meet our dedicated faculty.  Let us show you how we motivate the adolescent student!  We can help them get excited about doing their best work, and into a great college or career path!

You’ve fallen in love with Waldorf education so stay on and chat with us about what comes next!  What are the admissions deadlines? Waiting lists?  Tuition and tuition aid?  What is the interview/admissions process?

As part of the enrollment process we offer several opportunities for your little one to get to know our school and their class teacher:

  • A scheduled playdate for children and parents in our early childhood playground
  • Visit the classroom for Cubby Day to meet and mingle with other new families
  • The class teacher will come and visit your little one in their own home

After the application has been received and interview completed, we are happy to offer a visiting day(s) so new students can come and spend time with the class and teacher. This allows your child to try our school and ensure a great fit and vise versa.

After the application has been received, we will schedule a shadow day(s) for your student. It is vital for your student to experience our school. They will be assigned a buddy to guide them through a school day. They will have an opportunity to interact and familiarize themselves with our faculty and staff allowing them to feel more comfortable during the interview.

We host an annual Open House in early Fall and early Spring at the Colina Campus. Come and receive a warm welcome from our students, meet our dedicated faculty, experience in-class demonstrations, see displays of student academic and creative work, and much more.

For families unable to make it to the monthly tour, we can offer an introductory informal tour. We can walk the campus and may be able to peek into a classroom or two. We encourage parents to attend the monthly tour at a later date.

We welcome guests to a variety of events which offer a fun and informal experience of the WSSD school community. Wanderer’s Way Halloween Journey in October, 10th Grade Play in December, all-school Winter Faire in December, Winter Concert in December, High School Cabaret Variety Show in February, 12th Grade Play in May, Senior Graduation Ceremony in June, and more. 

Altadena Campus

The lower school grades facilities are located at the Altadena Campus. The four-acre Altadena Campus is bordered by residences and a public school across the street. The school facilities include four buildings, playing fields, and a garden.

Location: 3547 Altadena Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105

Telephone: (619) 280-8016


Colina Campus

Our high school is facilitated on the two-acre Colina Campus, located just 1.2 miles from the Altadena Campus. We have a large auditorium where we hold performances and assemblies.

Location: 4135 54th Place, San Diego, CA 92105

Telephone: (619) 287-3054