International Study Program

We are proud to offer an International Study Program (ISP) here at The Waldorf School of San Diego.  We are a smaller high school with approximately 75 students across four grades, and we are honored to welcome between 10 and 15 international students every year. The Waldorf School of San Diego is certified with the US Government to issue issuing I-20 forms for F-1 Student Visas through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. We welcome international students on both a Waldorf exchange (non-paying) and a full time (tuition-paying) basis from schools around the world during the student’s High School years. The length of the visit or exchange is from one semester to multiple years.

1) Waldorf Exchange Student

Our students have participated in exchanges with Waldorf schools whose academic programs are either in English, French or Spanish (as those are the languages we teach at our school).  The first step in setting up an exchange to submit an application including a letter of interest.  The request will then be presented to our high school students to see if anyone is available to participate in the exchange with you. If so, we will coordinate a webcam meeting to discuss the next steps.

2) Fee-Based International Student

We also accept international students for short or long term stays on a tuition-paying basis. In this case, your enrollment is not contingent on finding an exchange partner. The costs for the entire school year include the cost of full tuition for a high school student plus a $2,000 non-refundable international studies fee. For short term visits of under 6 months, the non-refundable international studies fee is amended to $1,000 and the tuition cost is prorated. Please contact our ISP Coordinator for an exact amount based on your dates.

Host Family Housing: 

International students typically stay with families from our school community. In some cases, the school can help facilitate a homestay. The host family usually determines their own fees (based on lifestyle, nutrition choices, etc.) and the cost usually ranges from $2000 to $2500 a month. Homestay fees are paid directly to the host family and are additional to the tuition and fees listed above. For exchange students, the homestay is free due to the reciprocity.

Exchange Program Tips:

We more commonly do exchanges with students from Waldorf Schools where the primary spoken language is English, Spanish, or French.  We are sometimes able to accommodate other languages dependent on our current student population.  Please inquire with the ISP Coordinator for the possibilities. 

  1. Our students typically undertake exchanges are during the 10thgrade year for one semester. We are, however, able to accommodate visitors from other grades.
  2. If you are interested in doing an exchange with us, you will need to begin planning it at the beginning of 9th grade, and we will require at least 8 months lead time to complete the process.
  3. You and your parents will need to complete our High School Exchange Student Application, which we will email to you. This application includes student and parent questionnaires, two letters of reference, and your agreement to follow our school’s policies and local laws. Your parents will also need to sign an agreement giving authority to the host parents to act as the parental authority while you are staying in their home.
  4. You and your parents will conduct separate Zoom or Google Meets interviews with our International Student Coordinator and our High School Faculty Chair or another senior faculty member.

Paying International Student Tips:

Paying International Students may come for one or more semesters beginning in 9th grade through 12th grade. We do not offer this program in the lower or middle school. To achieve the maximum benefit, we prefer you to attend for at least one school year. 

  1. You and your parents will conduct a Zoom/Google meets interview with our International Student Coordinator, High School Faculty Chair, or one other faculty member.
  2. Acceptance to the program will not be granted until housing has been secured.
  3. Priority will be given to international students staying for one year or more.
  4. If you are not coming from a Waldorf School, we require that you do research on the Waldorf Curriculum as our teaching methods and mission are different than current American public or private independent schools and that you understand this difference prior to applying.


Please contact our International Study Program Coordinator at or (619) 287-3054 ext. 307