Tuition Adjustment



The Waldorf School of San Diego offers an extraordinary curriculum rich in the arts, music and movement as well as a strong program of academic subjects.  The Waldorf School of San Diego is committed to inclusivity and is dedicated to enabling all those who are committed to Waldorf education to be an integral part of our school. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you so we can make sure that families receive a tuition adjustment that best fits their needs while at the same time holding true to the school’s mission and values. 

TA is short for the Tuition Adjustment Program. The program is designed to help WSSD be accessible to more families. If your family is a candidate for TA and the need is demonstrated, it is a reduction in your tuition and not a scholarship funded by outside sources. We feel inspired by every family and are excited to have our Waldorf school represent the wider world as well as the local San Diego community.

It is my intention as the TA Liaison to understand and convey your desires to be part of our community to the TA committee. I will communicate with you via zoom calls and emails with clarifying questions to complete your financial picture. Thank you for all the effort and time you are putting into this sensitive, confidential and very important process. Our teachers create a wonder-filled and nurturing environment for our children that teaches them to learn how to love learning, and that is just one of the many reasons it makes this process worthwhile! I am grateful for you and look forward to our time together. Liza Ferraro, WSSD TA Liaison

tuition Adjustment 

TA Application Process

Current family Deadlines


Re-enrollment for (TA) Tuition Adjustment 2023-2024 Deadline: November 15, 2023 at 3pm.

All re-enrolling families that want to apply for Tuition Adjustment are required to complete and submit their TA Application by the deadline.  You will have an additional 2 weeks to upload the required documents. This way you will know your Tuition contract prior to re-enrollment in January.

New Family Deadlines


The Waldorf School of San Diego has partnered with TADS to collect your Tuition Deposit and Tuition payments and Clarity to collect and verify information about your annual finances and your ability to pay tuition. WSSD accepts new TA Applications all year and we request that you submit your TA application within 7-10 days after setting up your TADS Tuition Agreement.


call For Inquiry

Email For Inquiry

02. Pre-Application Steps

  1. Complete the WSSD Admissions process
  2. Student(s) acceptance to WSSD
  3. Set up your TADS Tuition Agreement (email invite will be sent via TADS)
  4. Through your TADS account pay the $300 New Student Fee 
  5. Through your TADS account pay the $1000 Tuition Deposit per child.

*If you need a payment plan for your Tuition Deposit, please email the Business office at

03. Complete Application

Use school access code “4135” when prompted.


What is TADS?

Tuition Aid Data Services. TADS is a 3rd party company we use to set up and collect all the tuition deposits and tuition payments of the school. In the previous years we have used TADS to handle both Tuition Agreements and TA – Tuition Adjustment Applications. For a more efficient and thorough verification system for the 2023-2024 school year, we are now using Clarity to process the Tuition Adjustment Applications.

What is Clarity?

Clarity  – an Easier Financial Aid Application for Families

What has changed with TA?

Effective January 2021, the name and the company we use to collect and verify the TA data. In the past we have called the TA process, Tuition Assistance; now we call it, Tuition Adjustment.

Is there a TA Application Fee?

Yes, the TA application fee is $55, unless you qualify for a fee waiver.

Who will be analyzing my financial information?

Clarity Tuition platform will be collecting your information and the IRS will verify your income and taxes.  The TA Committee has designated members to help review more complicated financial applications. 

Who is on the TA committee?

The TA Committee is a confidential group comprising members of the faculty, the Circle of Trustees, and the parent body.

If there are dual households, who is required to submit an application?

Both parents/guardians are required to complete and submit separate applications.

What happens if only one parent is employed?

Per industry standards, if there are no dependent children at home under 4.5 years old, Clarity will add into your application an imputed income equivalent to a part-time minimum wage.

What are my responsibilities to notify WSSD of any income changes?

Please contact the TA Liaison  anytime you have measurable changes in your income.

Is the $1000 Tuition Deposit (per child) part of my Tuition Adjustment Contract?

No, the Tuition Deposit is separate from your TA Contract and is non-refundable.

Do I have to set up my TADS Tuition Agreement before I apply for TA?

Yes, WSSD requires that you set up your TADS Tuition Agreement before you apply for TA, which includes communicating with the Business Office should you need a payment plan for the Tuition Deposit.

How important is it that I complete the TA application?

The system will assume that you are paying full tuition if you do not complete your TA application by the processing deadline.

What is the maximum Tuition Adjustment award available?

New requests are capped at a 40% discount for Kindergarten through Grade 8 and a 50% discount for High School students. Through our Appeal process, it is possible to obtain larger adjustments if the need is demonstrated. TA is not available for Nursery or Parent-Tot Programs.

Where can I get more information on the Tuition Adjustment / Clarity Process?

Please review the “Applying for TA” Flyer and the workbook on the Tuition Adjustment Page.

What are the documents I will need to submit my TA application?
  • 1040 with all schedules and worksheets* – Clarity links to IRS and will upload your tax documents for you.

Every TA applicant needs to provide each of the following where applicable.

* Two most recent pay stubs for all income-earning applicants

*Two most recent bank statements from all financial institutions

*Two most recent credit card statements from all financial institutions (If applicable)

*Two most recent investment statements from all financial institutions (If applicable)

* Two most recent mortgage statements from all properties (If applicable)

Required documents (DO NOT UPLOAD):

In a separate email the TA Liaison will send you the following Google document. Please fill it out online. Do not print and no need to upload in Clarity.

  • Monthly Statement of Income & Expense