WSSD Family Scrip Program 

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Scrip is the gift card program that helps our school raise funds for the general operating budget. Each family has a minimum SCRIP rebate requirement to earn in a school year. If any or all of the requirement is not reached by participating in the program then the family will receive a bill for the difference through their TADS account in May of the school year.

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How It Works:

Our families buy virtual and physical gift cards online at or on the RaiseRight App on their smartphones, or through the WSSD school store, The Snake & Lily to use in place of cash, checks, or credit cards for their regular everyday shopping. The Snake & Lily buys the gift cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a reduced cost to sell at full face value. The difference is immediate fundraising for our school! “Fundraising while you shop,” and it really is that easy!

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To set up your Scrip account, download the RaiseRight App, and click the “Join a Program” button! If you want to use your desktop, please visit and click “Join a Program.” For either the App or desktop, you will need our WSSD Enrollment Code. For access to the code, please contact

Candy McGrady will be the one handling your hard card scrip orders. Once your orders are placed and paid for, we can have your order ready by the following day. Orders will be delivered to you at drop off or pick up along with Snake & Lily orders.

For special orders, please allow up to 10 days for delivery. Please feel free to text Candy, (973) 902-6478with any questions or to check the status of an order.

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Rebate Requirement

Each parent/guardian of a WSSD student signs a contract for your child(ren) every year. In the contract, a section covers your family SCRIP rebate requirement. Each family has 12 months with which to earn the rebate requirement, and we refer to that time as the SCRIP session. The Scrip session starts on May 1 and ends April 30.

For the 2021-2022 school year, each family has a $220 * SCRIP Rebate Requirement. It’s per family not per child. One Scrip fee per family regardless of how many children they have.

*Homeschool families are welcome to participate in the scrip program and help raise rebates for our school; however they are not required to. Homeschool families do not have a scrip fee.*

Over Earn on Rebate Requirements

Exceeding Rebate 

This is exciting news! You have an opportunity to earn rebates that benefit your family directly!

  • Up to 50% of your SCRIP rebate earnings over $220* can go towards tuition credit**

  • Up to 100% of your SCRIP rebate earnings over $220* can go towards 8th and 11th-grade class trip fund accounts

  • Up to 100% of your SCRIP rebate earnings over $220* can go towards the general operating budget.

Example #1: $660 Total rebates earned (less $220 Scrip rebate requirement and less 10% Admin Fee) $396 Overage Balance (50/50 split example: $198 tuition credit/ $198 class trip account)

Example #2: $150 Total rebates earned (less $220 Scrip rebate requirement) $85 will be invoiced in May in your TADS account.

Example #3: $0 Total rebates earned (less $220 Scrip rebate requirement) $220 will be invoiced in May in your TADS account.

* There is s 10% administrative fee assessed after the family requirement is met and prior to rebate earnings calculation on any overages.** SCRIP rebates will be monitored half-yearly and calculated the day month of the SCRIP Session (April 30, 2021). Any tuition credit available per family will be applied to the last month of that current school year tuition and/or applied to the following year’s tuition or tuition deposit.