Senior Projects: Class of 22-23

Carving a path and lighting the way.

At WSSD, each 11th grade class begins the process of their senior project in the spring by hearing about the goals of the program and brainstorming ideas for their project. Qualifying projects promote personal development by engaging deeply in a topic or project that includes service to others, career preparation, and/or artistic investigation. At the end of their 11th grade year, the students are asked to submit their proposals and once approved, they embark on their 9-months-long projects, culminating in their presentations to the community.

Student Project Presentations


The Art of Perfume Making
Gemma Ciofalo

Exploring the psychological beneficiaries of scents and creating recipes for perfumes that enhance serotonin levels, help with focus, anti-anxiety, and a couple just for fun!

The History and Psychological Benefits of Sexual Health Education
Kaitlyn Williams

Working with a clinical psychologist to learn about the history and importance of comprehensive sexual health education in the United States, I attended talks held by my mentor with the purpose of giving him feedback, as well as Wrote a research paper. 

Bringing Awareness to Auditory Processing Disorder
Isabella Vega

Sharing about Auditory Process disorder and my first-hand experience.

Habit Building
Isabella Strauss

Researching the process of habit building and applying it to my life.

The Process of Making a Mountain Biking Film
Biali Pellegrino

Working with a professional film creator to create a mountain biking film.

Dopamine Detox My Truck
Sam Payne

Restraining from instant gratification sources for ten days.

An experience in the background of theater
Beck Burgueno

A look into the different aspects of production backstage using an assortment of skills, such set-building, stage planning & mapping, and dance choreography.

Customizing My Truck
Atlas Buescher

In this project, I decided to give my truck’s interior and wheels a fresh new look. First, I installed some interior LED lights to enhance the ambiance of the cabin. These lights not only create a cool atmosphere but also make it easier to find things in the dark. With a little bit of wiring work, I was able to connect the LED lights to a switch so that I can easily turn them on and off.

Next, I decided to install a subwoofer in my truck to improve the audio quality. The subwoofer adds a lot of depth and bass to my music, and I’m really pleased with how it sounds. I had to do some custom fitting to get the subwoofer to fit properly, but the end result was worth it.

Finally, I decided to paint my rims to give my truck a more aggressive and sporty look. I removed the wheels, sanded them down, and applied a few coats of black paint and a blue/purple chameleon finish. The end result was stunning – my rims look brand new and really make my truck stand out.

Overall, these upgrades have really transformed my truck and given it a new lease on life. The interior LED lights, subwoofer, and painted rims all add a personal touch to my vehicle, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Social Justice Leadership Experiences
Donovan Wilcox

Focusing on social justice work through a variety of experiences, addressing the question of how people and individuals can be part of positive change in our society. Donovan embraced this work by giving a speech at a protest, educating seventh and eighth graders about gender identity, volunteering with Sunrise San Diego (the local branch of the environmental justice movement), helping train summer camp counselors in Human Relations work at Camp Stevens, and more.