High School Student Highlights: Sabina & Aili

Written by Ian Cuevas

March 9, 2023

In this new interview series, the Publications students – Gemma, Grace and Sam – chat with a few Art Portfolio students to talk about their method & process, inspiration and experience in their student art work while at the Waldorf School of San Diego.  These Art Portfolio students have been working hard on personal projects, as well as pieces for the inaugural group art show at the end of March: Head, Hands, Heart & Land. Find out more about the upcoming show and learn what makes WSSD one of the best art high schools in San Diego.


Gemma: Hi Sabina, what inspires you to do art?
Sabina: Well, I’m a perfectionist so I like doing things well, and art is something where you can really see your progress and your skill. I like drawing realism. So if I can capture that image very well I feel very proud of myself and that’s something I like to do in my art.

Gemma: When did you start making art and how has it impacted your life so far? 

Sabina: Well I started making art when I was very little. I have a lot of artistic people in my family so I’ve always been inspired by them and trying to draw as well as them. Art for me…I don’t draw from my head. I don’t bring out ideas. It’s more of a skill I like to improve. We work on a lot of artistic skill so it’s like my skill has been made better. Overall, it’s always been a part of my life because of our school and its focus on art. It fills the spaces of my home. And for my 8th grade project I did a mural with City Heights and it was a milestone for me.



Photo by Sam

Overall, it’s always been a part of my life because of our school and its focus on art.


Gemma: So Sabina, you have been doing art for a very long time which means you were probably doing it through the pandemic , how did that affect your experience through it?

Sabina: In ninth grade, I left Waldorf to go to my local public school and school was online so I didn’t see a lot of friends or anyone. Cause everybody was obviously being careful so [art] was something to get out of my head and to distract myself from. It made my situation better because it was a comfort for me and it was really dark. I’m a social person so being stuck in my room all the time sucks.


Sam: What inspires you to do art?

Aili: Um, how impactful it is because I mean, like, every single art piece in the whole entire world will be different. And so if someone sees one piece of art, they’re seeing like something completely unique. And that’s why I feel like art is kind of like a knowledge and like art, so it’s impactful.

Sam: What’s your favorite medium?

Aili: I like painting, but I also like sculpture. Honestly, I like mixed media too. Anything!



…I like to do a lot of things, so I don’t know, but I definitely kind of, I think [Art] might end up being a minor.


Sam: What’s something you like to capture in your art?

Aili: Oh, I usually like to do like, topics that have meaning to me. Like capture a social cause or something like [that].

Sam: Q: Do you have any artists that inspire you?

Aili: I would say it’s everything. Everything. Literally everything. All art. All art. I mean, there’s art I don’t like to look at, but like, just to <laugh>, but just like every, like, art is really inspiring cuz it’s different.


Sam: Do you have a certain mood that helps you create art or makes you want to create art?

Aili: Um, I wouldn’t say it’s like a mood, but like, like back to the meaning thing. Like if there’s a meaning I want to get out or like, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say a mood.

Sam: Is there any way that art has helped you throughout your life? Whether like, going through things or understanding things or whatever?

Aili: I wouldn’t say particularly. I wouldn’t say so, but it’s like, it’s a part of me, so I guess in that sense mm-hmm. <affirmative>, but…

Sam: So is is it like part of your identity, would you say?

Aili: Yeah.

Sam: Okay, cool.

Sam: What can we expect from you for the, this art show that’s coming up on March 31st?

Aili: I will have a MLK art piece that’s yet to be titled, um, it’s an image from his last speech. It’s mixed media and it has like, layering and the backgrounds; kind of like his impact through speech…


Sam: Do you think you’re gonna want to go to art school after WSSD

Aili: I kind of think it’s a pos big possibility, but at the same time it’s like, I like to do a lot of things, so I don’t know, but I definitely kind of, I think it might end up being a minor. I don’t know though.

Sam: Hmm. Cool.

Currently, Aili is participating in a Waldorf exchange program.  She is studying in Finland and will miss the big art show; but will be represented with a piece in the show.

Come out and support the WSSD students; join us on opening night of HEAD, HANDS, HEART & LAND at 6pm on Friday (3/31) at CM Curatorial.




MARCH 3, 2023

Showcasing works inspired by activism and social change, local high school students debut art show in vibrant Logan Heights community gallery on Cesar Chavez Day

SAN DIEGO, March 3, 2023 – Students of the Waldorf School of San Diego High School will mark Cesar Chavez Day with the inaugural “Head, Hands, Heart & Land” limited-run art show. The show, running March 31 – April 7, features jury-selected original works by Waldorf students and will celebrate and open on Cesar Chavez Day at the Logan Heights gallery, CM Curatorial, located adjacent to San Diego’s Cesar Chavez Park. The Waldorf School of San Diego, a K-12 independent school with two campuses located in the City Heights, ranks as one of the best high schools for the arts in California.

“Student works are inspired by activism, and ideas such as caring for the land and waterways, standing up for rights and freedoms and being good stewards of social change,” says Rachel Davis, Waldorf School Administrator. “It is a moving display of how the next generation explores themes around social justice, food justice, climate change and conservation.” Prior to opening night, the students will be collaborating with the San Diego Audubon Society to install a native plant garden in the Colina neighborhood of City Heights, San Diego. Representatives from Food Shed Inc., a local farm-to-table nonprofit CSA, will speak with students about food justice and sustainability. Also, Dr. Gonzalo Quintero will highlight stories of Dolores Huerta, American labor leader, civil rights activist and co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association.

Admission is free to the public.

About CM Curatorial

A contemporary art services consultancy working with architects, builders, designers, and developers to activate, elevate and differentiate spaces through the power of art. Their location is at 270 Logan Avenue in the Logan Heights neighborhood of San Diego, California.

About The Waldorf School of San Diego

The Waldorf School of San Diego offers Pre-K through 12th grade Waldorf education in the heart of an innovative city and beautiful landscape. The school seeks to provide an alternative to typical San Diego schools, using a proven technique based on insight into the brain and physical development, kinesthetic learning, and emotional intelligence. The teaching techniques used to respond to the inquisitive and inquiring needs of the child at each stage of development prepares children for the ever-changing world. The school is a community committed to academic excellence and engaging students’ hearts and minds for life-long learning and service to the world.

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